On the surface, Valentine’s Day may seem mushy and sentimental, a day created for women and their emotional natures. But in fact it harkens back to chivalrous notions that go back for centuries. For on Valentine’s Day, while the woman may be receptive to the romantic occasion, it is the man who is supposed to deliver the romance. It is he who brings the flowers, makes the dinner reservation, hires the helicopter.

This is all perfectly in keeping with tradition and the man as lover and woman as beloved. Recently the story broke about an elderly Mississippi widower who created a museum dedicated to his late wife of 60 years. He calls it The Museum Of Love. Now there’s a true romantic.

Pictured above is another: Cary Grant in the 1958 film “Indiscreet,” one of my favorite movies. At the climax, there’s a clever exchange in which Grant proudly calls men “the true romanticists.” The entire film is available on YouTube, though be careful you don’t get your heart broken on Valentine’s Day. You may find yourself crying over the fact that they don’t make movies like that any more.

One thought on “Men Are The True Romantics

  1. My favorite Cary Grant film is “An Affair to Remember.” The final scene is what makes it a favorite. Very powerful ending indeed. Of course, the oxford buttondowns and sport coats are what we’re all here for.

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